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Scholarship Programme

In 2013 the Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust established a new Scholarship programme within Mercury Bay, which they believe will give the necessary support and encouragement to young emerging artists, allowing them to progress to the next level of professional artistic development. 


The Scholarship programme run by Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust is run
with the co-operaton the art department at Mercury Bay Area School in

At the end of Year 12 the Head of Art at the school chooses the most
talented art student who has intentions of incorporating art in their
future career.


During their Year 13 the recipient attends the Open
Studios over the first 2 weekends in March and then works with the Art
Escape Co-Ordinator to choose 2 or 3 artist members with whom they will spend time developing their skills and see into the life of working as
an artist.


The recipient also gets to exhibit a work from their Year 13 portfolio to exhibit at the following years Showcase Exhibition which
runs in conjunction with the Open Studios.


They also receive a voucher from Gordon Harris for art supplies. The programme has been a great success and encourages and develops emerging artists in Mercury Bay.

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Mosaic art
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Clay Design
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