Warwick Lidgard  



I have painted since the 1950s. By the 1990s watercolours were largely put aside for acrylics and oils. In the mid 1950s I attended Colin McCahon’s classes at Auckland Art Gallery and Paula McNeill’s classes in Whitianga. I have held several exhibitions at the Pumphouse in Auckland, and the Upstairs Gallery in Whitianga.


I was president of Auckland Studio Potters (1978-79) and a foundation member of Albany Village Pottery. I also established a pottery studio at Rings Beach while continuing to paint in watercolours at the same time.

Warwick Lidgard

Warwick Lidgard

Warwick Lidgard

Warwick Lidgard

Warwick Lidgard Sand Dune Path 2016

Warwick  Lidgard Thames Hills. 2014

Warwick  Lidgard studio

Warwick  Lidgard Scarlet Oak. 2018

Warwick  Lidgard Beaconsfield Red  2018.

Warwick  Lidgard Daisy Gold


191 Bluff Road, Rings Beach

Kuaotunu West Whitianga 3592



Phone: 07 8665074

Mobile: 0211660286

Email: w.lidgard@icloud.com

Web: warwicklidgard.art