Meet the Trustees


Stuart Christie - Chairman

I have been involved with the Art Escape since the 2000’s through friendships in the art community and became a Trustee when the Art Escape Trust was formed in 2010 and served as Chairman for a period to 2017. I’m not an artist, but with a background as a manager in the corporate world, time in the finance industry and real estate I’ve brought a range of skills to our work in promoting art and our artists in the community. Part time residents of Hahei for several decades, we have wide contacts in Mercury Bay and the wider arts community and thoroughly enjoy our involvement with Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust and its members.


Peter Hogg - Treasurer

I have over forty year’s experience as a chartered accountant holding senior finance positions in large organisations. My involvement with the Art Escape has been as Trustee/Treasurer since 2015. I have just under forty years of association with Mercury Bay and Hahei in particular after purchasing a property in 1983. I have been a permanent resident since 2015. I am a keen art admirer and am wish to see the Art Escape to evolve as the most successful Art entity in the Coromandel.

Jane Parson 

My career journey includes graphic artist in advertising agencies followed by flight attendant and in 1976 I partnered in the start of The Hang Up Gallery in Parnell (now Parnell Gallery). After residing in San Francisco for 7 years  I owned a retail businesses in Remuera for 15 years. We spent holidays at Cooks Beach and on retirement moved to Hahei. My love of visual art and admiration of the creative spirit found on the Coromandel led to me becoming one of the foundation trustees of Mercury Bay Art Escape in 2010 and more recently as a printmaker and painter artist member.


Stephan Bosman 

I have a background in law and publishing. For almost a decade, my wife and I were the owners of The Mercury Bay Informer, the community newspaper covering the wider Mercury Bay area. I have a deep appreciation for the role the visual arts play in the wellbeing of the local community. I perceive the Mercury Bay Art Escape to be one of the most important, and most successful, local community organisations. I am well connected in the Mercury Bay area and bring to the table extensive governance and small business experience.

L Mitchell 1.jpg

Lynne Kingsbury 

We have been part of the Hahei community for 20 years. In my working life I've been a high school English teacher, worked in busy commercial libraries in London and  the last long stint was as a research librarian in the University of Auckland Business School assisting students with research and staff in creating teaching resources. I'm passionate about decisions informed by good research.  My art involvement consists of appreciation and liking artists as friends, therefore I am keen to help the MBAE flourish. 


Marion Manson 

I have an extensive understanding of community art as Administrator of Waikato Society of Arts and Manager of ArtsPost Gallery in Hamilton for 7 years. My Art Escape involvement has been as Co Ordinator 2014-17, Steering group and Social Media Coordinator 2020, Member artist as a bookmaker 2022 and now Trustee. I have a great belief in Art Escape and the Trust and what it offers members and the local community. I have been a part time resident of Cooks Beach for 21 years.