Tracey Walker

Mixed media with photography


Environmental impacts from our disposable culture dominate the themes in my work. I use photographic composites and paint to reveal both the beauty and the scars on the land.

A night-time installation of plastic bags with coloured led lights revealing a caustic but beautiful glow was the trigger for my mixed media works. They create a narrative that is evoked from my preoccupation with the environmental impacts of our disposable culture.


I have continued with the inclusion of animals in some works. The birds are a metaphor for the earth, looking on with increasingly anxious attachment.



Painting, Life Drawing, Printing and Sculpture Workshops at Artstation and Whitecliff College.

Painters Progress & Painter’s Studio Workshop, Artstation Auckland.

Diploma in Commercial Photography Ucol Auckland.


A Fragile World 5-9

Globalwarming 2 2020

A Fragile World 2

Global Warming 1 2020

A Fragile World 1

Globalwarming 3 2020

A Fragile World 3

Globalwarming 4 2020

A Fragile World 4

Sailors Grave 2020

Sailors Grave


47 Pumpkin Hill Road, Tairua 3508



47 Pumpkin Hill Road, Tairua 3508

65 Almorah Road, Epsom, Auckland Mobile: 021 273 2297