Sue Preston

Printmaking  - etching and dry point engraving


I have been printmaking for 7 years now, since taking a print course at the WSA Art School, where I still meet up with fellow-printmakers in the Print Room on a weekly basis. The thrill of pulling a print from the press and seeing how it has turned out keeps me hooked on printmaking. So often the results are unexpected!

As well as experimenting with many forms of printmaking–etching, drypoint, collagraph–I also enjoy pastel work, watercolours and bookmaking. I am inspired by natural objects, rustic and vintage things, and the play of light on them.

sue preston

A different point of view 2021

sue preston

Ginko 2021

sue preston

Changing 2021

sue preston

Kawakawa mixup 2021

sue preston -

Kawakawa Artist book 2021

sue preston

Rakiura Tokoeka 2021

sue preston

Kawakawa Trio 2021

sue preston

Rusting away 2021

sue preston

Turn your back on the crowd 2021

sue preston

Abandoned 2021



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