Scholarship Programme


In 2013 the Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust established a new Scholarship programme within Mercury Bay, which they believe will give the necessary support and encouragement to young emerging artists, allowing them to progress to the next level of professional artistic development. 


Working closely with Mercury Bay Area School, the programme assists the recipients with their personal creative development; builds their confidence and gives them a new insight into skills developed and practised by professional artists who are involved with the Art Escape. The Scholarship is awarded to the top year-12 student/students who were keen to pursue a creative career, or show serious promise within the Arts and would benefit from external guidance. 


The programme lasts for 6 months (during the recipients’ year 13 at school), starting from February and included, among many other aspects: 


  • Private tuition and mentorship from the recipient's choice of Art Escape’s artist members 

  • The opportunity to attend workshops and art courses aimed at developing specific skills 

  • A written package containing comprehensive advice on promoting and marketing artwork 

  • The opportunity to observe curating and setting up Art Escape exhibitions  


Scholarship Winners

2021 - Ashley Toma
2020 - Amelia Lockhart 

2019 - Hannah Coleman-Smith 
2018 - Charlotte Murphy
2017 - Ra Kuchlein

2016 - Joseph Morcom and Renee Royal

2015 - Emily Boswell

2014 - Caitlin Stoyel-Wiggens and Cosette O'Connell.