Raewyn Helms-Davis

Pastels and oil painting

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I have been a painter and portrait artist since 2001 and came to live in Whitianga in 2014.

I am currently working on a series of large paintings in mixed media which are a venture into an

exciting new direction and which will be available to see during the upcoming Art Escape.

I also continue to use pastels for commission portraits and am available for private workshops in the

use of pastel.

My new studio, Art Loft, is located centrally in town and easy for visitors to find.

I have exhibited in Auckland, Mercury Bay, the National Portrait Gallery in Wellington and have

sold many paintings internationally. I have been a long-time member of both the Mercury Bay Art

Escape and PANZ (Pastel Artists New Zealand).

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Art Loft Studio

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Commission wedding portrait

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Adams Awards finalist

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Geologica 5

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Geologica 8

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Geologica 3

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Geologica 1

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Geologica 7 detail

Art Loft Studio, 9a Lee Street, Whitianga 3510


Mobile: 021 2545 167

Email: raewyn@pastelportraits.co.nz

Web: www.artloft.co.nz