Printmakers Combined

Printmaking with mixed media


‘Printmakers Combined’ is a creative group of Coromandel based printmakers. Our group includes, Paula McNeill, Susan Dunster, Jane Parson, Tina Carey, Joanne Mahoney, Colleen Waite, Verena Tagmann, Liz Hart, Leanne Litherland and Kay de Blaauw.


Creating impressive, exciting works through the unique process of printmaking, each artist presents works of interest and intrigue representing their individuality and different points of view.

Verena Tagmann - Verena_Tagmann_Printmak

Colleen Waite

Forever the hills

Susan Dunster

Susan Dunster - Poppies

Liz Hart

Liz Hart - Mereana Gathering Kina

Tina Carey

Tina Carey - Hidden Gardens, Secret Gates

Paula Mc Neill

Paula Mc Neil - The Gardener Series

Joanne Mahone

Joanne Mahoney - White Camelias'

Leane Litherland

Leane Litherland - Awakening

Jane Parson

Jane Parson - Impact Overdrive

Kay de Blaauw - Kay de Blaauw - Harvest

Kay de Blaauw Harvest Club Print


Contact: Paula McNeill

Phone: 07 864 8821
Mobile: 027 217 8764



Contact: Jane Parsons

Phone: 07 866 3067