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Painter & Printmaker

  • Leanne Litherland
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I am a painter and printmaker. I love to create unique pieces of art using a variety of techniques my favourite being collagraph and acrylic painting.   My inspiration comes from the books I read, nature and land formations.


I am a member of the Printmakers Combined group to which I have the opportunity to work alongside inspirational artists.  The printmaking process has ignited another dimension to my creativity. 


This year I will be exhibiting at the Coro Club, Flight Club Ballroom, 7 Dakota Drive, Whitianga.  My prints were exhibited with Printmakers Combined and Paintings alongside Paula McNeill and Susan Dunster. 


Pipi 2022

Posers 2022

The Hall Gathering 2022

Native Sympathy 2022

Lantern Festival 2022

Lantern Festival 2022

Indian Summer 2022


Coro Club, The Flight Club Ballroom, 7 Dakota Drive, Whitianga 3510



Phone: 07 8663172

Mobile: 027 7792 773

Email: leelitherland@gmail.co.nz

  • Leanne Litherland