Leanne Adams

Mixed media


Working as a  contemporary abstract artist and art teacher, I love learning how to continually improve and grow my language of art,  experimenting, exploring and evolving my work through different media including canvas, paper, ply together with acrylic, water colour, liquid acrylic, mixed media and other materials to create a range of styles depending on the mood, energy and vibration I am working with. 

Often described as raw, vibrant and full of energy, the work ranges from small working samples to large abstract wall canvases capturing different aspects of conscious and sub conscious thoughts, feelings and interpretations of life around us.


Every piece is original, hand crafted and created with love through a combination of acrylic, water colour, mixed media, brush, palette knife and a vast array of other tools and techniques. My clients love the energy and the stories of the pieces ultimately adding their own interpretation.

Leanne Adams

Magnolia Moments

Leanne Adams


Leanne Adams


Leanne Adams

In Progress

Leanne Adams

Kuaotunu Morning



44 South Highway East


I regularly open the studio during the year for you to come and share the latest work, so email or text me if you are in town.




Phone: 021 2579249
Email: la.visioning@gmail.com

Web: www.leanneadams.com

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