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For me, making art is about Joie de Vivre.   No happiness - no creative urge.  A hiatus due to a torn hip muscle - its surgical repair and recovery,  is now over so I am back in the happy zone, and I look forward to you visiting and seeing new work in March. Hence statement and brief, photo history from post MA Ceramics 1974 to now.


Important: - the work is always an investigation;  an aversion to hard edges and straight lines. Major works are figurative, inflated sculpture, drawing, soft sculpture, multi panel painting, some ceramics. All feature curves circles and spirals closely related to thoughts about biology and the creation of the Universe. Also, a principal reason for summers on the Coromandel is its geology, working in stoneware an expression of that interest.   Firing to 1250c clay that is clothed in glaze comprised of varied chemical elements is a personal re-creation of the volcanic events that produced the marvelously varied rocks that surround.

Some examples more or less sequential:

 1: Figuration – Ceramic.  2 - 3: Inflated Spirals.  4 - 5: Permuted cells derived from yinyang subdivision of disc. 6-7 Expanding Universe.  8: Drawing and painting as numbering system  9: Multi-panel painting.  10:    Acrylic Universe. 11-12:  Matriarchal Series  mostly in bronze. 13: Soft Sculpture. 14-15: Hahei Ceramics.  


Betty  Collings - Betty_Collings_On the
01 Betty Collings - 1.
02 Betty Collings - 2.
Betty  Collings - 4.
Betty  Collings - 5.
Betty  Collings - 6.
Betty  Collings - 7.
Betty  Collings - 8.
Betty  Collings - 9.
Betty  Collings - 12.
Betty  Collings - Reticulated plate 2018
Betty  Collings - Turtle Nebula, 2010.


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