Airdrie Hamilton

Oil painting 


I paint flowers, landscapes and still life using oil paints. I find this medium gives me the time to move the paint around until I am happy with the effect. It also allows me to accentuate the light, which is the major aim in my work.


My studio is a late 1800s cottage located in our farmhouse garden.

Airdrie Hamilton Albertine 2017

Airdrie Hamilton

Airdrie Hamilton

Single Rose Spray 2018

Airdrie Hamilton

Fandango 2018

Airdrie Hamilton

Albertine 2018

Airdrie  Hamilton

Jude Obscured

Airdrie  Hamilton

Rose Study

Airdrie Hamilton's

Heritage Studio

Airdrie Hamilton



Studio closed 2-10 March

Outside of Open Studios weekends, available by appointment

1307 State Highway 25,

Whenuakite 3591

Phone: 07 866 3705



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